Global Cellular Automata Model

Global Cellular Automata (GCA) is a new computing model defined by our group which overcomes the main restriction of the cellular computing model: the local neighbourhood. The cells are placed in a grid like in the cellular automaton, but they can communicate globally. Each cell can read the state of any other cells via pointers, which are stored in the cells state. Each cell computes its new state, to which the pointers belong to, independently from other cell state computations. The neighbourhood is not any more fixed and static, it is dynamic. All cells can in parallel update their states independently from each other. Parallel algorithms can easily and directly be mapped onto this model and they can efficiently be executed. The GCA model can efficiently be supported by hardware, as the model is massive parallel.

GCA architecture with one pipeline
GCA architecture with two pipelines

GCA Algorithm Example: Bitonic Sort

Access Patterns and Data Flow
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