The content of the Teaching area, resp. the information about each lecture is only available in German, because all the lectures are given in German.

Lectures in basic studies

Name of the lectureMHBVÜPS
Technische Grundlagen der Informatik I922  
Technische Grundlagen der Informatik II1022  

Lectures in the Computer Microsystems section

Name of the lectureMHBVÜPS
Einführung in Computer Microsystems123   
Rechnerentwurf und Mikroprogrammierung 2722  
Systementwurf mit Mikroprozessoren 2922  


Name of the courseMHBVÜPS
Seminar Rechnerarchitektur394   2
Oberseminar Rechnerarchitektur    2

Practical courses

Name of the courseMHBVÜPS
Mikroprozessorpraktikum22  4 
Prozessorentwurfspraktikum26  4 

Student research projects and theses

The computer architecture group constantly assigns student works. Here you can find a selection of subjects as well as some presentations of already completed projects.

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